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Blue Iris

Blue Iris



Acrylic on Canvas

Unframed $850

Framed $1150 (BTW it's spectacular in the frame!)


When we moved to Missouri my mother was amazed by the farmer's irrigation ditches that seemed to be filled with iris.   One rainy morning my mother waved down the farmer working in his field to ask if she could dig some.  He chuckled and said she was welcome to whatever she wanted.   New Melle was a very small town with one four way stop sign and gas station at the time so I'm sure the story of a "red head in a convertible with two girls digging up flags out of his ditch " quickly moved through town.  I can't remember ever living in a home without some of my mother's irises in the yard.  I think of that muddy ditch whenever I see them and am grateful for her perseverence in finding a good thing.   

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