About Amy B. Axline Carroll


"Porcelain Art, or china painting, is a traditional form of painting with a long history in Indiana.   Carrying on the traditional painting technique has been an inspiration and honor.  I can’t imagine painting something that doesn’t come from my own roots.  By roots I mean being planted firmly on the soil of the woodlands where I grew up in Missouri, to the murky bottom of Yellow Creek Lake in Northern Indiana, where I spent my childhood summers to the black-topped roads of my current home in Speedway, Indiana.  These are the places that make me search my memories.  These are the places that make me want to pick up a brush and share them with everyone."  -Amy B. Carroll 


Amy Carroll was born in Morrow, Ohio and raised in Warrenton, Missouri while spending her summers in northern Indiana.  She graduated Warren Co. RIII High School in 1989 and from Missouri Valley College, Marshall Missouri in 1982, where she received a B. A. in Speech Communication and Theatre and studied Art Appreciation.  She later earned her Indiana State Teaching Certification from Indiana University.


Director of Speedway Centre for the Arts President of the Speedway Arts Council, Amy is a professional artist with her studio in Speedway, IN.  She is an artist who is never afraid to try new mediums, her focus, emphasis and passion seems to always return to Porcelain/China Painting. As a rare form of fine art, porcelain is timeless and classic and has roots 100's of years ago.  Mrs. Carroll enjoys the continued development and evolution of her own art, business of running and marketing the newly formed Speedway Centre for the Arts and encouraging and promoting Indiana Art & Artists.  There, she created the Speedway Arts Centre and Fine Arts Camp for the towns' children.


Amy now resides in Speedway, Indiana with her husband, Kevin and sons, Christopher and Zachary.   She is also employed at Wine and Canvas.