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Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  I must admit, right upfront, that I am absolutely horrible about keeping my website up to date.   Always feel free to reach out to me or visit my studio in Zionsville, Indiana above Blooms by Dragonfly flower shop right in the heart of downtown on Main Street.   

Let's Talk About IT

Do you have an empty wall and not sure what to do?  Maybe, you know what you want but can't seem to find the right thing.   Or, you aren't sure of the size, shape, or options available.   Let me help.   

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Free Consultation 

Few things are more inspiring to me than being invited into someone's home and being asked to create art!  When creating a piece for a client I love being able to see the environment that will surround it.  Sometimes it's a bit of color or texture.  Sometimes it's the feeling of the home.  And sometimes it being able to think about the people that I am creating a piece for while I work.   

In home consultations are free.  Just contact me and I will be happy to come visit and share my thoughts and ideas.   


Painting Party

Are you fascinated by watching people paint?  Have a painting party!   Invite friends, add some drinks and food and enjoy an evening watching me paint a custom piece for your home or special event.  

Prices are based on the size of the piece.  

24x36 $850

36x36 $1300

48x48 $2400

48x60 $3000

Other options available let's talk about it!


Show Me Your Walls

We all have that space that we just don't know what to do with.  Schedule a free appointment and I will show up with different sizes, shapes, colors, and ideas.  It can be difficult to visualize what something might look like and this often helps.   

Art is what I do, and I love when my pieces find the right home and place.   Let me help you find the right size, shape or collection of pieces that may work well with your home or business.   

*Framing Available*



print shop.

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"Porcelain Art, or china painting, is a traditional form of painting with a long history in Indiana. Carrying on the traditional painting technique has been an inspiration and honor.  I can’t imagine painting something that doesn’t come from my own roots.  By roots I mean being planted firmly on the soil of the woodlands where I grew up in Missouri, to the murky bottom of Yellow Creek Lake in Northern Indiana, where I spent my childhood summers to the black-topped roads of my current home in Speedway, Indiana.  These are the places that make me search my memories.  These are the places that make me want to pick up a brush and share them with everyone."  ~ Amy B. Carroll 


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